Process Analytics


Accepted Publications in 2020:

  • C. Janiesch, A. Koschmider, M. Mecella and B. Weber et al. (2020): The Internet-of-Things Meets Business Process Management. A Manifesto. In: IEEE SMC Magazine,
  • S. J. van Zelst, F. Mannhardt, M. de Leoni, A. Koschmider (2020): Event Abstraction in Process Mining - Literature Review and Taxonomy, Granular Computing, Springer, to appear
  • S. Nuñez von Voigt, S.A. Fahrenkrog-Petersen, D. Janssen, A. Koschmider, F. Tschorsch, F. Mannhardt, O. Landsiedel, M. Weidlich (2020): Quantifying the Re-identification Risk of Event Logs for Process Mining, 32nd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2020), to appear
  • P. Waibel, C. Hochreiner, S. Schulte, A. Koschmider, J.  Mendling (2020). ViePEP-C: A Container-based Elastic Process Platform. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, to appear


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